It’s a beautiful sunny day in Marina Del Rey, CA. George Jeff arrives at the Marina del Rey Marriott, room 203 were he captures model Ebonnee Davis before heading out to the 90th Oscars viewing event. Ebonee Davis is known for breaking records, ripping runways and being politicly correct. As the 25 year old, soul woman gets chic for the 90th oscars viewing event, we hear SZA playing in the background. Ebonee is laughing about how great life is and where she wants to live when she moves to Los Angeles. Knowing Ebonee, she loves the water; E.D. speaks of Venice Beach, having stayed in the area on a previous trip to California, she loved it. As Ebonee gets her face beat (make-up) she’s chill, calm, and ready for a great night of fun and blissfulness – as the make-up session is in process and Ebonee get's dressed, George Jeff continues to film and ask’s her a few blissful questions; See Below!

Who is Ebonee Davis? I am model, actress, activist, writer and storyteller. Most of my activism, writing and storytelling centers around self transformation and healing through self love. I believe that through self love, self acceptance and accountably we are able to liberate ourselves and those around us.

What is something that you love to do and inspires you to keep going? Something I love to do that inspires me to keep going is spending time with young people. Hearing their stories and knowing where they come from and what they are going through gives me a lot of insight into the ways I can help shape the world to make it a better place for them in the future.

If you could lead the world in one direction where would it be and why? I want to lead the world toward freedom which means leading people back to themselves. We are never taught about how important it is to have a strong relationship with ourselves but it is an essential part of being successful and reaching our dreams. We are conditioned to doubt ourselves and we fear standing out or being different so we conform. That fear is dangerous because it can manifest in self destructive ways. When we shun and repress ourselves, we damage our spirit.

What are you wearing tonight? Tonight I’m wearing a Aadnevik dress, Giuseppe Zanotti heels and my perfume is Dolce & Gabbana “The One”.

Knowing you have woman from all around the world keeping an eye on you to bring more positivity into the world, how do you want to showcase your talents and in what rim do you see yourself going or in? I want to showcase my talents creativity through storytelling. I think storytelling in whatever format (movies, tv, books) is a great way to comment on the human condition and to create empathy and understanding among people from all walks of life.

Being bold and open about life, struggle, and relationships, what would you say helped you be bold and open? My faith in God helps me in a lot of ways. I think it's our job to share information and talk about the things we have gone through to keep other people from going through them or to let them know they are not alone in whatever they are going through.

What’s next for Ebonee Davis? I will be moving to LA within the next couple of months to pursue acting which will be an exciting new adventure for me. I am really looking forward to this next chapter of my life.

As a black working woman in the industry what areas do you feel you can be a lot more bolder? There is always room for more representation. Race, gender, body types…people deserve to see themselves represented. No one should go through life feeling like they're not enough because they don't live up to some impossible standard or don't fit into a narrow definition of beauty.

Story By: Ebonee Davis

Photography By: George Jeff

Q&A By: George Jeff

Music By: Aso